About Silennis

Silennis is a way of seeing and living life. No hurries, no pressures, savoring the moment, the journey, the silence. A new experience open to the world, to nature, where small details awaken great sensations. With our boats you will have the opportunity to socialize and spend unforgettable moments in beautiful surroundings listening only to your guests and the nature that surrounds you.


  • Company: Elec-boats SL
  • Established: 2017
  • Location: Muelle de Arriluce s/n local 216 Puerto Deportivo de Getxo 48992, Biscay, Spain
  • Available: Worldwide
  • silent, respectful navigation

Silennis Showcase

Silennis S010

The hull shape design has been specially developed for electric propulsion and therefore confers it good stability and great hydrodynamic efficiency, minimizing energy expenditure and maximizing autonomy in terms of time and distance. No navigation ...

  • Starting at: €12.700  
  • Max. speed: 8 km/h (4.3 knots) / Premium 11 km/h (5.8knots)
  • Warranty: Battery and motor warranty 3 years
Silennis S020
fishing boat

The S020 is a very versatile electric propulsion boat designed for very diverse uses with an open deck and open stern. Sporty and versatile in 5m length. Wide flush deck and open stern. You don't need a license. Oriented to users who practice fishing ...

  • Starting at: Unknown  
  • Max. speed: 9,6 km/h (5,2 knots) / Premium 10,5 km/h (5,7 knot
  • Warranty: Battery and motor warranty 3 years