Silennis S020

fishing boat

Silennis S020
Silennis S020

Silennis S020

  • Type: fishing boat 2 persons max
  • Starting at: Unknown  
  • Battery capacity: 2.4 kwh / Premium 5.5 kw
  • Charge time: Unknown
  • Max. speed: 9,6 km/h (5,2 knots) / Premium 10,5 km/h (5,7 knot
  • Range: 1 hour 40min, Premium 8 hours
  • Warranty: Battery and motor warranty 3 years

Please note, boat details can change without notice!


The S020 is a very versatile electric propulsion boat designed for very diverse uses with an open deck and open stern. Sporty and versatile in 5m length. Wide flush deck and open stern. You don't need a license. Oriented to users who practice fishing, diving, photography, surfing,

Standard equipment included:

hull in white / foredeck fairlead / fixed foredeck cleat / retractable stern cleats / foredeck wet locker / manoeuvring gear locker / courtesy equipment locker / technical locker / spring holder in all lockers / all lockers have key locks / steering lever hatch / air vents / cockpit panel / aft deck handles / detachable transom and fittings / oarlock fittings (oars) / stainless steel steering wheel / Uflex mechanical steering / speed control lever / battery monitor digital display: load indicator, instant power consumption, remaining running time display / on-off led / automatic bilge pump / methacrylate trim on console / two upholstered multi-position seats / fastening straps and/or handles / personal stowage compartment and under seat picnic supplies compartment / compartment lids / controller / charger / switch for load / run position / special marine charge socket / charging cable / silennis nautical key ring.

The open space on the deck is ideal for taking advantage of the two multi-position seats. The tab that runs along the freeboard allows the seats to be placed in any position simply by supporting them. The central module also allows you to sit in different positions: shoulder to shoulder in front of the steering wheel, or comfortably leaning one back against the other, etc.

Due to its length of 4.95m and the power of its engines, no navigation license is required!

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