Subaru Solterra


Subaru Solterra

  • Model: SUV 5 seats
  • Type: EV
  • Starting at: €56.745  
  • Range: 465 km
  • Max. speed: 160 kmh
  • Charge time: 80% in 30 min.
  • Warranty: 8 years unlimited miles

Please note, car details can change without notice!


Solterra, the fourth SUV in our European line-up, is our first zero emission SUV. It is coined after two Latin words; Sol (for Sun), and Terra (for Earth) - which Subaru intends to keep driving on responsibly making use of new, alternative technologies.

The front retains Subaru's iconic hexagon grille, the Subaru's C-shaped front lights (which feature Subaru's first multiple projector LED headlamps), and now has air-intakes on each side of the front bumper, which aren't there for the show but contribute to the car's on-road performance. These aerodynamic design features all optimize air-flow, and reduce disturbance and noise for an enjoyable drive.

Solterra features an open, relaxing and an uncluttered space. Meters have been raised for easy visibility and the instrument panel has been lowered for openness. The center console connects seamlessly with the 12.3 inch center display. Minimized the number of switches, keeping things as intuitive as possible. The Solterra comes equipped with Harman Kardon premium audio, that's exclusive to the Subaru version. Featuring a large glass roof, it will accentuate the feeling of spaciousness. With the tunnel in the middle removed, you will have plenty of space to sit in the rear, and plenty of storage space inside the cabin.

The Solterra continues to be a true Subaru with its Permanent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) System - with both front and rear motors engaging the 4 wheels permanently, and immediately as the car starts moving.

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