Chevrolet Blazer EV


Chevrolet Blazer EV

  • Model: SUV 5 seats
  • Type: EV
  • Starting at: $60,215  
  • Range: Up to 324 mi
  • Max. speed: 130 mph
  • Charge time: DC fast charging that can charge at 190 kW and adds 78 miles in just 10 minutes
  • Warranty: 8 years or 100,000 miles

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The Chevrolet Blazer EV was designed to impress with sophisticated styling inside and out. With two flexible rows, it's the crossover that's ready for all your journeys. The aerodynamic design of the Chevy Blazer EV's exterior not only enhances the vehicle's range, but also gives it a sporty and stylish appearance with its low, broad stance. This combination of efficiency and aesthetics makes the Blazer EV an attractive option for those looking for an electric vehicle with a sleek and modern look. The sportier trim levels, such as the range-topping SS, feature additional air intakes and a larger faux grille, enhancing their aesthetic appeal. However, even the base model holds its own and has a great look. The availability of front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive options coupled with independent suspension on all four corners of the Blazer EV, regardless of model or battery size, ensures that the SUV offers flexible drivetrain options and a smooth and comfortable ride.

Blazer EV is the complete package with style, performance and technology. Available in multiple trims, colors and battery ranges, this daring new all-electric midsize SUV is built from the ground up around the game-changing Ultium battery platform. Ultium offers flexibility in charging speeds, range and performance giving the sporty Blazer EV the sheer power and confidence needed to go the distance.

Seat-pressure and key-proximity sensors eliminate the need for a start button. A huge rear seat and a large cargo area provide you with abundant space. It offers an 11.0 inch digital gauge display beside a massive 17.7 inch infotainment touchscreen. The Blazer's integrated Google Maps app can plan full trips as well as precondition the battery for quicker charging

Customers have the option to add all-wheel drive to the 2LT and RS models, while the RS model is additionally available in a rear-wheel-drive setup.

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