About Candela

We make hydrofoiling electric boats and vessels. Our ultimate purpose is to speed up the transition to fossil fuel-free lakes and oceans. A traditional 7.5 m petrol boat consumes about 15 x more fuel than a family car, leaving a heavy footprint on our planet. Multiply that number with the number of ships and boats in seas worldwide and it's easy to see that the concept of traditional combustion engine boats is simply not sustainable.


  • Company: Candela Technology AB
  • Established:
  • Location: Frihamnsgatan 25, 115 56 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Available: Worldwide
  • Zero emissions
    Zero noise
    Zero vibrations

Candela Showcase

Candela C-8

Instead of pushing through waves, C-8 glides in silence over the water's surface. We made a motor, the Candela C-Pod, perfected for hydrofoiling, deviating from the trend of larger engines in leisure boating. By combining innovation in electric ...

  • Starting at: €330.000  
  • Max. speed: 22 kn cruise, 30 kn top
  • Warranty: Unknown
Candela P-8 Voyager

Engineered to go where other electric boats can't, without leaving a trace behind. Thanks to active hydrofoils, the P-8 Voyager combines silence, performance, and superior range into a design that brings a better experience for passengers, while ...

  • Starting at: €450.000  
  • Max. speed: 40 NM at cruising speed
  • Warranty: Unknown