EV leasing

Vehicle Leasing Options

EV Leasing Options

Vehicle Leasing Options

Car leasing is similar to renting, in that you’re using a particular vehicle, for an agreed length of time (usually between 2 to 5 years), and for a set fee.

The total cost of your vehicle lease is calculated as follows:

  • The new value of the car
  • The estimated value at the end of the lease (the residual value)
  • The annual mileage agreed upon
  • The length of the lease
  • The fees
  • Credit report

As with a car loan (or any loan for that matter), you’ll need to accept a personal credit check which assesses credit strength and possible risk status.

The different leasing options

  • Open-End Leases
    You get all the benefits of leasing with a plan that is as close to ownership as you can get.
  • Closed-End Leases
    A low-risk option that offers predictable expenses and fixed terms with no obligation.
  • Short-Term Leases
    Flexible lease terms from 3 months to 1 year.
  • Long-Term Leases
    Long-term use with the ability to scale with your business.
  • Seasonal Leases
    A seasonal lease allows you to skip payments. F.e. you won’t get billed during your off season.
  • Value Leases
    To save money, you can choose to lease used, low-mileage vehicles.