EV Vehicle Range

Electric Vehicle Range

EV Vehicle Range

Electric Vehicle Range

A fully electric car needs energy from a battery to run the motor. The size of the battery is measured in Kilowatt-Hours (KwH). The motor gets listed in terms of peak output addressed in Kilowatts (Kw).

The factors that influence an electric vehicle's range

The outside temperature

In short, the warmer it is the better the battery performs. When cold outside you get less energy out of your battery. In addition, you will most likely turn your heater on as well. On the other side, when hot, you will probably turn your air conditioning on.

The interior

The good news is, that things you use inside your vehicle, such as stereo, lights and windscreen wipers have no noticeable effect on the range.

Average speed c.q. acceleration

It's similar to fuel powered vehicles, the faster you go or accelerate, the faster you empty the battery. And the highest energy  savings occur at 55 mph (88 kmh).


And as you expected, driving upwards, lowers the obtainable range.