Commercial EVs

EVs for commercial transport

EVs for commercial transport

EVs for commercial transport

We all know it! The roads and skies are ever more overcrowded with commercial transport vehicles. Trucks, vans, ambulances, police, fire department, taxis, commercial, military and private airplanes, helicopters, and so forth. As such, they are the largest contributor to greenhouse emissions. It is imperative that all of these vehicles shift to electric (or hydrogen) power.

On the downside, however, is the massive need for charging stations for all of these vehicles, as well as the vast increase in battery production, and electricity centrals.

Everything will move forward in phases, and as you expected, will take several decades. Every country on Earth will have to do their utmost in accomplishing this enormous task, and within a given time frame. Or else...

Electric commercial vehicles will have a major role in last-mile delivery of an ever-growing demand for goods. It is imperative to switch to electric which ensures lower emissions, cheaper running costs, and less ongoing maintenance. Several brands are offering electric buses and vans with low-cost batteries and a restricted range of 100-150 miles because the less than 150 miles market segment is geared to be the largest market for commercial EVs.

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Some of the best Commercial EV deals

Lightning Transit Ambulance
Van 7 seats

Cabin integration with batteries fully under the floor. Medical equipment and emergency lights are supported with an additional inverter providing auxiliary 12V DC power.

Lightning ZEV4 Shuttle Bus
Bus 24 seats

Provides reliable, quiet, emissions-free transportation for passengers in many applications. CARB certified and HVIP eligible. Engineered and built in the USA.

Lightning ZEV3 Transit Passenger
Van 15 seats

Equipped with a state-of-the-art electric drive-train that delivers the best efficiency of any vehicle in its weight class while providing a quiet, and smooth driving experience.

Lightning ZEV3 Transit Cargo Van
Van 2 seats

Operated by major parcel carriers such as hospital systems and many others. The cargo van is reliable and efficient. The batteries are under the floor, so the cargo space is not compromised.

Please note, car details can change without notice!